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In October 2015, a brand new partner ministry began to prepare to fulfil its vision, having received full launch funding.  In November 2016 that vision became a reality.  

Their vision, to reach the 360+ million Urdu speakers in their own countries or the Diaspora with the news that God loves them and has a plan for each of their lives, was made possible through 21st century technology in broadcasting.

Technology enables truth to come directly to those who seek it - through computers, tablets, mobiles and other media – straight into people’s homes and hands, through media apps.  Not only making truth available, but providing answers to seekers, and well-made programmes that develop and grow believers in Jesus to greater understanding and knowledge of the God of the Bible.

By making programmes in people’s heart-language, by mother-tongue hosts who understand and belong to the culture - gifted speakers and knowledgeable expositors of the Bible – relevant topics can communicate to meet people’s spiritual needs. For although many people hunger for the Truth, there are only a small number of good quality programme makers and broadcasts available in Urdu to meet their spiritual hunger. This partner ministry is committed to bridging that gap; committed to :

  1. Broadcast good quality programmes into the Urdu-speaking locations;  
  2. Provide a training ground for broadcasting skills and expertise to be acquired;
  3. Offer other heart-language programmers with the same vision opportunity to hire purpose-built facilities.

The ministry needs

  • Prayer - for safety, for effective production, and rapport with its audience. Join our ministry prayer partners!
  • Recruits - enthusiastic volunteers, or gifted and skilled experts. Join our tekkie team!
  • Shared awareness – both within and outside OM of the ministry, its news, stories, prayer needs, financial requirements. Join our list of champions!

Pray that as Urdu-speakers hear and receive through this ministry, lives will be changed. That Urdu-speakers will come into personal relationship with the God who brings transformation.

Published: Friday, 21 April 2017
Credit: OM International
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