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Julie Knox | Colombia

Frequently altered port arrangements haven’t stopped the crew of Logos Hope from reaching out to people in their first Colombian port, Santa Marta.

After repeatedly having to make way for commercial vessels by moving Logos Hope from her berth to anchor out at sea, events on the ship have been rescheduled to venues on shore. Local Christians have offered hospitality to crew to enable commitments in the area to be kept.

Among outreaches in the community were several visits to a prison to offer eyesight testing and free reading glasses to inmates. The women’s section received a donation of four sewing machines, with ladies who live on board Logos Hope showing the prisoners how to use them. The facility plans to run classes so inmates can learn to make clothing and use their new skills when they are released.

A Friday night youth event on board was moved to a church on shore, while a team involved in football ministry disembarked to stay on land. This meant the sports outreach the following day could still happen while Logos Hope was anchored off the coast.  

“While there’ve been frustrations, it’s been great to see crew connect with local people more meaningfully,” said Marco Arjona (Argentina), one of the advance preparation team. “People we’d got to know as we lined up the port have been happy to have our volunteers as their guests. They’ve taken them to family birthday parties, driven them to the places they needed to be, even brought them to their workplace to introduce their colleagues to the unusual visitors from all around the world. It’s been a special way for crew to experience Latino culture!”  

“We’ve even realised blessings in disguise,” affirmed YeSol Lee (South Korea), another of the advance preparation team. “For instance, we had a maximum number permitted on board the ship for our youth event, but now it’s being held at a church with a bigger capacity – so we get the opportunity to challenge even more young people to consider serving God.”

“I want to pay tribute to our whole team and to local people for their flexibility at this time,” said Logos Hope’s director, Pil-Hun Park (South Korea). “In particular, our Marine Operations department has had a lot of work to dock the ship and make it accessible for visitors, then get ready to go to sea again. Our bookfair staff have opened at unusual times to serve the people of Santa Marta. We know God is at work and we thank everyone for their understanding as we have sought to be a blessing in this place.”

Published: Friday, 29 December 2017
Credit: Julie Knox
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