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Logos Hope’s plans for scheduled maintenance have changed, meaning the ship will not enter dry dock until later in May.

The alteration to the programme has afforded extra time for the bookfair to be reopened to the public in the port of Veracruz. After what had been a record-setting four weeks in port, with 190,000 visitors climbing the gangways, even more people can experience the world’s largest floating bookfair for an additional two weeks. 

Pastors Anabell Lara and Edson Conde were among the first on board when the ship reopened her doors, and they wasted no time in buying close to 50 books.

"It was the third time we had tried to come to Logos Hope and this time we made it!" Anabell said. "First, we came on a Monday—unaware that the ship was closed—and when we tried again the following Sunday, we couldn't wait in the long queue because we needed to get back to our church. We had almost lost hope of visiting, so it was with great joy that we learnt of this change of plan!" Anabell explained, smiling.

Oscar Lopez Perez was another of those delighted to hear Logos Hope was to open for a little longer in Veracruz. He booked holiday time off from his job and travelled from Rio Blanco, a city two hours away, with his wife and baby daughter. Oscar said, “We especially wanted to buy cookbooks, science books and children's books.”

Roger Gregorio was heading to the bookfair when he saw crewmembers Eliu Patino (Mexico) and Tim Dougoud (France) playing music and singing. Roger had to join them in playing the guitar and performing some songs he had composed. An improvised band was soon entertaining visitors with an impromptu concert.

Forty-five-year old Maria del Carmen Montenegro learnt via Facebook that Logos Hope had reopened and went to the bookfair immediately, with her daughter Brenda and her four-year-old grandson, Jose Jairo. "It's the third time we've come,” Maria said. “We’ve bought books, pens and lots of souvenirs from the ship again this time."

Logos Hope is expected to remain open to the public in Veracruz until 6 May, after which her annual maintenance phase will begin.

Published: Friday, 27 April 2018
Credit: OM International
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