A message of love

Prisca-Sarah Baligand | Mexico

Logos Hope hosts large numbers of schoolchildren on board each week, with the ship’s crewmembers sharing important messages on the power of love in entertaining and engaging ways.

The latest event in Tampico started with a lively Hula performance, followed by a treasure hunt in which the kids had to find pieces of a map underneath their seats. Hundreds of young people crawled on the floor with excitement, searching for the pieces. Once they had assembled the picture, the children realised there was a part missing on the map. It had a heart-shaped hole. The event's host, Mima Bessa (Brazil) explained that the missing part of the map represents problems in the world.

For the next act, Benaya Keppler (Germany) appeared, in character as a crazy scientist, who explained he had found the solution to the world’s problems. Using chemicals, he told the audience that adding solutions of 'money' and 'experience' would fix everything, but his experiments only made the world worse, giving it a dark colour. The scientist finally found the solution to clear out the dark colour that had overtaken the world: love.

In a final humorous act, Gino Borst (Curaçao) appeared on stage walking with crutches, carrying shopping bags and a briefcase. In a parallel of the story of the Good Samaritan, Gino tripped over and shouted for help. Crewmembers were amazed to see around 30 children run to the stage to help Gino get back up. This scene would usually show two strangers passing by and ignoring Gino before someone from the audience finally helps him up the third time he cries for help, the moral being that helping others also makes the world better. However, in this performance, the children watching unknowingly showed a good example of understanding and living out this message from the outset.

As they were leaving, one of the schoolteachers, Maestra Conchita commented, “This was a fulfilling experience, which showed fundamental values for the community. The integrity that you all have and the work that you do on the ship are marvellous.”

The crewmembers who organised the event, Becky Breckels (United Kingdom) and Wynand Scholtz (South Africa) expressed the hope that the children’s lives will have been impacted with the lasting message of compassion for one another and they will remember the example of Jesus.

Published: Friday, 15 June 2018
Credit: Prisca-Sarah Baligand
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