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Logos Hope’s leaders and crewmembers were honoured to receive the First Lady of Guatemala on board. Marroquin Argueta de Morales, the wife of Jimmy Morales, President of Guatemala, came to visit the ship and its bookfair.

As the First Lady was arriving in Puerto Quetzal, she was greeted by a crowd of Guatemalans waving national flags, as well as the crewmembers waving a wide range of their own national flags from the top of ship, to welcome her on board.

Pil-Hun Park (South Korea), Logos Hope’s director, gave the First Lady a tour of the vessel, and explained to her their three main goals: to share knowledge, help and hope. He told her about the way that the crewmembers share knowledge through literature and events; help through humanitarian projects; and hope through personal stories.

Pil-Hun explained that the First Lady was sensitive in particular to the ‘hope’ part of Logos Hope’s goals. “She said that in the world, many people are losing hope, and the ship aims to bring hope to the different parts of the world. That is very meaningful and that is why she appreciated our visit. Every country needs hope,” Pil-Hun shared.

As the First Lady was browsing through the bookfair, she picked a few books she wished to purchase, and greeted the visitors that were present. “She was hugging people, and a lot of them wanted to take a picture with her,” said Nathan Schmutz (Switzerland). 

In a private meeting, the First Lady and the ship’s leadership conversed about the experience the people of Guatemala have had on board Logos Hope, and how both children and adults enjoy this very unique experience since, for many of them, it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“We were joyful that we were able give a great experience to the First Lady of Guatemala. Being so positively thanked is an encouragement,” Nathan commented. He added, “When she left, her security chief told me she looked really happy. It definitely was a great experience for her.”

Logos Hope’s leadership were encouraged by a united heart for sharing hope to the nations, and greatly appreciated the First Lady’s visit.

Published: Tuesday, 25 September 2018
Credit: OM International
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