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Four crewmembers took a three hour train journey from Kochi to a town called Thiruvalla to visit churches and a hospital. The team stayed overnight in the home of Silas Thomas, who had hosted a team from Logos Hope’s sister ship Doulos in Visakhapatnam on India’s east coast in 1992. When Mr Thomas showed Jeannette Zandbergen (Netherlands) photographs of the Doulos team she was surprised to see a familiar face. “I was so amazed. My best friend Aletta was in the picture,” said Jeannette. Aletta Hut (Netherlands) had served with Jeannette on Doulos at that time and had been hosted by Mr Thomas, who later moved to Thiruvalla. Jeannette has stayed in touch with Mr Thomas and met him on Logos Hope, when he brought his family (pictured).

Published: Thursday, 23 June 2011
Credit: OM International
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