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Only ten people had registered for the Channels of Hope AIDS workshop for church leaders on Logos Hope in Kochi, India. Help Ministries Manager Sandra Fahy (Switzerland) and the team were discouraged, as they had hoped to sell 40 tickets for the event, find someone who was living with HIV to share during the programme and find a translator with a medical background. 

Just a few days before the workshop Sandra was introduced to a doctor who was willing to translate. She asked if she knew someone living with HIV who would be willing to share their story, and the doctor told her about a man who knocks at her door once a month and she would give him money, but she had no way to contact him. So they prayed that he would call on her before the programme, and the very next day he knocked on her door! 

Two days later the man shared his story. He is a Hindu whose wife had died of AIDS-related causes, but he has two healthy daughters. He had to leave his family and village in Tamil Nadu when they learnt he was HIV positive. Now he lives in the state of Kerala—where Logos Hope was visiting—which meant he could come on board to share his story. During the event a pastor stood up, walked to him and invited him to his church, which set an example for the other church leaders to also open their doors to people living with HIV.

After the event, this man told the doctor's son that only on Logos Hope had he felt comfortable sharing his story; he felt accepted because Jesus is present and the people showed him unconditional love. Sandra was also amazed to learn that when they counted the number of people who came to the programme, there were exactly 40 attendees! Praise God for this man who shared his story and opened doors for ministry to others living with HIV. Please pray that he will find spiritual healing in Jesus.

Published: Monday, 04 July 2011
Credit: OM International
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