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Alastair Su | Near East

“I come from a land full of holy stones,” said Joshua*, “but there are few living stones here.” Originally from Bethlehem, Joshua represents the handful of Christians who still live in the area.

Joshua was raised in a Christian household but drifted apart from God during his high school and university years. “I got too busy,” he said, “and I drew away from the Christian community.” But one afternoon last August, God met him in a powerful way.

“I was sitting in my room one afternoon thinking about God. I remember feeling very angry, wondering if He really existed or if He really cared about me. Suddenly, God struck me with His love. He showed me the cross and how much He loved me, and I started crying.”

“My entire body was shaking,” he said excitedly. “My roommate asked if there was something wrong. He thought I needed a trip to the hospital.”

Since that day, Joshua’s life has been marked by a growing relationship with Jesus. The following Friday, Joshua read the Gospel of John in one sitting. When he finished, he was amazed. “I kept crying and repenting my sins to God, telling him: ‘I want you God. Please give me more of you.’

I kept crying and repenting my sins to God, telling him: ‘I want you God. Please give me more of you.

Today, Joshua wants to get involved with OM Ships. “The LORD has put a passion in my heart to serve Him. The opportunity came when a friend of mine told me about OM Ships. I read more about it and got interested.”

“To me, OM feels like a different kind of university,” he continued. “I spent most of my life between books, but I want to learn something different—how to serve people humbly.”

In the long term, Joshua sees this as a stepping stone to a greater work that God is preparing for him. He hopes to bring his experiences back home, where people’s hearts are ripe for the gospel. He sees this especially for his Muslim neighbours.  

“I have very close Muslim friends. I started sharing Jesus with an old friend of mine. I told him how much Jesus loved him, and he started crying. I know that people here are thirsty—I know it. That is why I am praying for revival in this part of the world.”

*Name changed

Published: Thursday, 01 September 2011
Credit: Alastair Su
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