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A team of crewmembers ventured from the ship to visit Penang’s deprived Rifle Range area, home to nine blocks of flats with a population of around 26,000. The team went to House of Hope, a drop-in centre which works with underprivileged families living in Rifle Range. This centre provides tuition for over 300 students aged five to 15, a pre-school, a library, computer classes and art and craft classes. “Most of the children are from broken homes,” explained Koo Cheng See, who runs House of Hope. “Most of their fathers are alcoholics and gamblers and many of them are in jail because of drugs or stealing.” The crewmembers spent time with the children, making friends and teaching them about the different countries they come from. “The Logos Hope team have opened up the children’s horizons,” added Koo.”

Published: Friday, 02 September 2011
Credit: OM International
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OM has had an influence in Malaysia for over 30 years. From the early days of sending recruits to the Ships Ministry it has moved on to cross-cultural training and ministry for short and long term workers in Gospel-destitute areas of the world.

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