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On 11 July, Logos Hope left the floating dry dock in Subic Bay, Philippines, after 90 days of technical maintenance. Further works remain to be completed before the vessel can resume sailing, but Logos Hope’s refloating is a major step towards launching into the schedule of planned port visits for the remainder of 2012.

On 13 April, the vessel entered the dry dock for annual maintenance, including servicing of lifeboats and cleaning and repainting the ship’s hull. Yet surveys done in the dock revealed urgent steel work needing attention, which caused significant delays.

Additionally, much preparation for the Power Up Logos Hope project has been taking place. This vital project involves replacing two older generators and the main switchboard and installing a heat recovery system, now scheduled for early 2014.

“We are thankful to God that the re-floating took place without incident,” said Elon Alva, OM Ships marine superintendent. “The next goal is to get all the systems that have been overhauled operational again. The final milestone will be to complete necessary surveys and ensure our personnel are trained and familiarised with the equipment so that the Passenger Ship Safety Certificate can be re-issued.”

The work of the all-volunteer crew on board has been significantly boosted by over 90 “project workers”. These individuals from around the world have chosen to also give their technical skills and time, some for a week or two, others for longer, to help the projects proceed. More plumbers and electricians are still urgently needed to finish the long list of outstanding tasks.

“An important milestone has been reached with the ship back in the water. Our attention is now fixed on completing the work,” said Logos Hope Director Lloyd Nicholas. “We see the greater purpose of these efforts and look forward to a stronger and sustainable ship-based service over the next 20 years.”

While the ship has been closed to the public during this time of dry dock, over 60 teams of Logos Hope staff and crew spread out across the Philippines in five phases seeking to make a tangible difference in local communities. Working with churches, these teams have set up libraries, treated patients in free clinics, facilitated HIV and AIDS training, and led programmes for children and youth.

One Logos Hope team participated in a project to re-house 12 families who lived on the streets of Manila. Donated funds from the ship community covered relocation costs. As well as joining in the construction work, the team installed water purifiers to provide clean water for the community, all helping to build a better future for these families.

“We are deeply grateful for partners around the world whose faithful support enables these works to be completed, equipping Logos Hope for the future,” said Lloyd Nicholas.

Once Logos Hope sails from the Philippines, the community on board anticipates an exciting schedule of port visits including Thailand, Cambodia and Hong Kong over the coming months.

For latest news, further information, port schedules and opportunities to participate visit www.omships.org.

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Published: Tuesday, 17 July 2012
Credit: OM International
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