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Raised in a Christian family, Michelle, 21, from Taiwan came to faith through her church’s student ministry when she was 13 years old. Volunteering as a line-up helper for the OM ship’s visit to her hometown of Kaohsiung from April – May 2009, she went on to join the ship’s two-month STEP programme a few months later.

"I was really amazed by what I saw in the line-up team and on the ship," said Michelle. "There were so many young people only one or two years older than me. I hadn’t realised that you can serve God even if you’re young. I was touched by how willing they were to serve Him. Young people are eager to make a difference and change the world, but these Doulos people were willing to do anything for the Lord, no matter what department they were in."

Although she faced numerous struggles during her time on board, she learnt a lot about herself and her relationship with God. "During school I was too busy to spend time with God," said Michelle. "I learnt from others on board to do my quiet time properly. I was surprised by the others’ intentions and commitment to get up early for their quiet time. I used to just open my Bible and start reading whatever. Through the example of others, I was encouraged to take time to focus on my quiet time with God. When I returned to Taiwan, I went directly to university and that new habit really carried me through. I still follow it."

While on the OM ship, Michelle visited Cambodia. Touched by what she experienced there, she organised a three-week non-Christian school volunteer trip to the same city upon her return to Taiwan.

"We helped out in a children’s home run by a Filipino missionary couple," said Michelle. "After I did that, I could really see how much people’s lives, the lives of the kids and their families, can be changed through education."

Currently majoring in adult and continuing education, Michelle chose to do her university internship with OM Taiwan from mid-July to mid-August 2012. "I worked for OM Taiwan’s Community Transformation Movement (CTM) and did many things, including surveys and collecting community resources. I wrote an instructional plan, translated handouts into Chinese and taught a balloon workshop for Zan4 Taiwan. I was also a local assistant for Out of the Comfort Zone (OCZ), helping out wherever needed, being a friend and tour guide."

Praise God for opening Michelle’s heart to the needs of the world, and for her desire to be involved in missions in some way in the future. Pray for direction as she considers different opportunities, and that she would continue to grow in a deeper understanding of God’s love for her.

Published: Friday, 14 September 2012
Credit: OM International
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