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When an economic crisis struck Japan in 2009, Mr Yoshimi Ide and others saw the need of the newly jobless and homeless in Nagasaki. Twice a week they gave out food to around 100 homeless people in the city. As their service in the community continued, many of the homeless they served in 2009 found jobs and moved into homes. Crewmembers joined the group one evening, on one of the two times they give out food packs. Now five years later, around 7 people are left homeless in Nagasaki, according to a group member. One South African crewmember, familiar with thousands of homeless in his country was positively shocked by the few homeless in Nagasaki . Another crewmember was struck by the group’s faithfulness. “Twice a week they bring food for the homeless. There are six people worried about seven. They have been serving for the last five years – I was amazed by that.” said Betty Toral (Mexico).

Published: Monday, 12 May 2014
Credit: OM International
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