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Flora Man | Philippines

As part of a four-day retreat organised by OM Philippines for pastors from Tacloban, Cebu and Bohol – where Typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013 – the pastors and their wives were invited on board for half a day of rest and refreshment.

The crew and staff of Logos Hope welcomed and blessed the pastors in every way they could. After a programme which included an inspiring message by Dan (UK) and Wendy Wallis (Canada) on the roles of husbands and wives, the pastors were joined by male crewmembers to share and pray more deeply, while the wives were invited to a time of pampering at a “beauty salon” that included massage, foot spa, manicure and even hair styling. It was definitely a rare treat!

One of the wives, Ruth Fernali, will soon be moving with her husband to the centre of Tacloban, where Typhoon Yolanda hit most severely. “After all these years, this is my first time I’m on a retreat, and getting fussed over in a beauty salon,” she shared. Another wife, Daliah Carnice, who has been serving with her husband for the past 25 years, fulfilled her dream to come onto Logos Hope. “I enjoyed the message today and this beauty salon is wonderful. We are so thankful to have Logos Hope crewmembers serving us. I feel like God’s princess today!”

The pastors were also very grateful for this opportunity to rest and reconnect with their wives again. Reverend Randolf, who has been deeply involved with relief operations and rehabilitation of houses since the typhoon hit, said, “It has been two years since Typhoon Yolanda and we had been working hard to take care of the church and the community. This time of resting is one of the best things that OM Philippines could have blessed us with.”

Published: Wednesday, 20 May 2015
Credit: Flora Man
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