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Flora Man | Philippines

OM is partnering with AIDSLink International (ALI) in order to impact the global HIV and AIDS pandemic. One of the ways this is being achieved is through delivery of a comprehensive HIV and AIDS workshop called ‘Channels of Hope’ to raise awareness among Pastors, church leaders and members of non-governmental organisations (NGO). The workshop, organised by the Logos Hope Help Ministries team, aimed to encourage the church and other voluntary organisations to serve people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS with compassionate care, to not judge or discriminate but to work towards unconditional love.

The workshop started with some hypothetical scenario exercises which showed that anyone can get infected with HIV, not only through sexual activities. One should not have preconceptions or judgements towards those who are living with HIV and AIDS. There were also a set of controversial questions that spurred healthy discussion among the participants. Questions like if everyone in the country should be tested to give accurate statistics and allow us to know who is HIV-positive and who is not, and if high risk groups such as men who have sex with other men should be allowed to donate blood.

One of the participants, Stephanie Vargas, who works with youths in an NGO said, “It is very informative and useful session that I can bring back to work into campaigns on HIV and Aids that we are planning to do.” Another participant, Cherry Seniedo, a scholar under OM Philippines, also said that it has helped her to clear up a lot of misconceptions she used to have. The workshop ended with a free HIV testing provided by ‘Cebu Plus’, an organisation that help, educate and support people who are living with HIV and AIDS.

Published: Friday, 29 May 2015
Credit: Flora Man
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