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Flora Man | Philippines

In every port it’s a joy for crew members to welcome local volunteers, passionate and energetic individuals who are excited to serve on Logos Hope when she finally visits their home country.

In Subic Bay, close to 40 volunteers came on board and served for the whole duration that Logos Hope was opened to the public. They were assigned to various departments like catering, book fair and housekeeping.

Among them were some interesting personalities, including two former bar girls, a handicapped man without hands and a local women’s magazine editor. Serving on board Logos Hope was something that the two bar girls, Anna* and Marianne*, had never imagined.

“Before I became a Christian, I didn’t even know why I was living in this world. God placed me back in the right place and I’m so blessed to be here on the ship. I want to continue to grow in him and spread the love to my friends and family,” shared Anna.

Another volunteer, Oliver Latigar, who went through a traumatic experience when a box he was moving blew up and cost him both hands, came to learn the truth and grace of God after the accident. He currently works in the book fair and his favourite part of the job is making announcements in the information desk.

“God was gracious to me. Even though I lost my hands, He gifted me in the areas of sports and music.” Oliver enjoys hanging out in the International Café on board where he can connect with locals through beatboxing.

Women’s magazine editor, Luningning Hilario, shared that she gets emotional thinking about how she got the chance to serve with people from around the world, made possible only through sharing the same values and faith.

“I will definitely be sharing my story on the ship in the magazine,” Ning enthused.

*Name changed

Published: Thursday, 16 July 2015
Credit: Flora Man
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