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In April 2016, Logos Hope crewmembers travelled to over 30 different destinations around the world and spent a month away from their floating home - involving themselves in presentations of the ship, church mobilisation, practical work and other ministry projects with children, youth and churches. Crewmembers appreciated the little hiatus away from the busyness of the ship and the opportunity to fully focus on connecting with people. Through this time, lives have been impacted – some heard the Gospel for the first time, while others were mobilised to be messengers of hope to others. Here are some stories of what happened.

Keep hope

The team serving in ‪‎AIDS Hope located in Pretoria, a ministry aimed at restoring the lives of people impacted by the HIV and AIDS pandemic in South Africa, helped children living with HIV and AIDS with their homework in the ‘After School Programme’ for a month.

Some children had already given up on their education, knowing that they are lagging far behind their peers, and many were struggling with their motivation to study.

“We kept encouraging the children daily,” shared team member Gabriela Peralta (USA). “I told the boy I was coaching that he could be an astronaut if he worked hard. I tried to help him dream, help him see the future and have ‪hope.”

God never makes mistakes

After spending two weeks in a village called Kumakwane, the team in Botswana travelled to another village named Taung for what would be the most intensive leg of the month of serving on shore during the dry dock. Their week in Taung proved to be a time of spiritual revival for the village.

Together with their host, Pastor Ntu, the team went to different churches and spent a lot of time praying with locals, particularly for deliverance and healing, and the team saw God's power at work in supernatural ways.

“Never underestimate what God can do through you,” said Pastor Ntu, whose prayer for a venue for his church was also answered during the time the team visited. 

One morning while the team was visiting homes, they ended up in a house that was not on their list. Despite that, team leader Carlos Sabino (Brazil), stood firm that God had brought the team to that particular home to bring hope to the family.

“I believe our God never makes mistakes, even for this visit!” proclaimed Carlos. “He guided us to visit this house today because he wants the Gospel to be brought here.” As the team and Pastor Ntu shared the Gospel, every family member in the house acknowledged their sin and decided to follow Jesus. “We pray that the family will keep having the desire to know more about God. We pray that they will make godly decisions in their lives and bring glory to God!” shared the team.

Fishers of men

Limited resources and a high illiteracy rate mean that most of the Christians around Lake Tanganyika are unable to read the Bible or worship God in truth. The team serving alongside the ministry of OM Lake Tanganyika travelled for eight hours by boat along the lake to visit Chibanga, a remote village located near the border of Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The purpose of this visit was to conduct the two-day 'Fisher of Man' course, a basic doctrine training for local believers. The 14-hour days began at 5 a.m. with prayer and went through 7 p.m. as night fell, with the goal of encouraging and equipping the local church. From the doctrines of salvation and prayer through discussion on traditions and the Biblical basis for mission, the team tried to clear up misunderstanding and build a Biblical foundation in a practical way.

Without a projector or a white board, the team shared the concepts with simple stories and illustrations, and the warm response from the villagers encouraged them on.

“It was eye-opening for the villagers to see people from different parts of the world who believe in the same God," said Charles Chansa, one of the trainers.

Published: Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Credit: OM International
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