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In April 2016, Logos Hope crewmembers travelled to over 30 different destinations around the world and spent a month away from their floating home - involving themselves in presentations of the ship, church mobilisation, practical work and other ministry projects with children, youth and churches. Crewmembers appreciated the little hiatus away from the busyness of the ship and the opportunity to fully focus on connecting with people. Through this time, lives have been impacted – some heard the Gospel for the first time, while others were mobilised to be messengers of hope to others. Here are some stories of what happened.

Stronger because of our weaknesses

The team in Zambia struggled with unexpected sickness almost every time they ministered to people since arriving in Kabwe, Zambia, where they were based.

“We tried to figure out why, but we were perplexed,” shared team member, Tanya Ying (Thailand). The team persevered in prayer and soon, team members began to regain their physical strength.

Energised, the team took part in children’s ministry in a remote village called Kacahanga. After visiting several times, the children could memorise all the Bible verses and all the Bible stories that were shared with them. Through this, the team experienced the power of God made stronger in their weaknesses.

Speaking into hearts

The team in Malawi worked with OM Malawi to connect with the Yao people, an unreached people group with high illiteracy rates. OM Malawi has developed an audio Bible, which contains the complete Bible in the Yao language. With this device, bible studies are conducted regularly and effectively.

One afternoon, David Houser (USA) cycled to a faraway village to conduct a bible study session with the locals. David asked them to play Ephesians 2:1-10 on the audio Bible and the people listened intently. David then shared with them that those verses talk about how God loves us and how He saved us through His grace. He then asked them what they had understood from the verses and the locals replied, “Nothing can separate us from God’s love”.

At the end of the session, David invited people forward if they wanted to receive the free gift of grace and salvation from God and all the attendees responded positively.

Salvation is practical

The need in Lesotho is crying out - over 20% of the country is HIV positive and in need of medication. Yet, this is not the biggest problem the locals are facing. Unemployment covers the landscape across the country, bringing young people into a deep sense of hopelessness.

After connecting with the local pastor the team was working with, they received information that there were no resources at the moment to start the building project they were going to be helping with, resulting in a change of plans.

As Elliot Jones (U.K.) shared in a team devotion, the team was encouraged by the quote: “Salvation is practical”. Even if they wouldn’t be doing actual hard labour, they would definitely reach out to people in practical ways, sharing the message of hope and doing what they could to encourage and esteem the people of Lesotho.

The team was able to visit a rural village and volunteered in a clinic set up by a local church. They handed out free meals, prayed over patients and shared words of encouragement, especially with the HIV-infected patients.

Team leader, Kapela Sibiya (South Africa), explained to the crowd how to fully entrust their lives to Jesus and rely on Him. The local pastor working with the team was encouraged by the overwhelming response when people stepped forward to be prayed for and wanted to get in contact with the church to take their next step in their walk with God.

Published: Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Credit: OM International
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