Prayer is a passport

Rebecca G | Ghana

“Not all of us can go as missionaries. What are other ways that we can help to reach the unreached?” asked a participant at the Missions Conference event on board Logos Hope. Ghanaian pastors and church leaders had gathered to learn about missions worldwide and to be challenged on how they and their churches can be more involved in the Great Commission.

“It starts with an attitude of prayer,” said Colin Phelps, a speaker at the event, who has been in missions since 1988 and is currently the Regional Training Coordinator for OM Africa. “Whether you have a passport or not, you can travel around the world with prayer.”

Nathan Patterson (New Zealand) invited ten participants onto the stage and, using them as a visual representation for those seated, shared some sobering statistics. “In the real world of missions, if ten missionaries are sent out, six are sent to nominal Christians, three are sent to those who have been told the truth but have rejected it, and only one is actually sent to those who have never heard the gospel before.”

Many were surprised by this, but it resonated with the personal experience of one participant. “In Ghana I’ve seen Christians taken from one church to be a part of another church, moving people from one denomination to another.” Instead of contributing to these statistics, speakers challenged those gathered to consider how they can reach the unreached in their own communities and in the world beyond.

“Missions is about you being there or about you helping someone to be there and supporting them through prayer “ said Rev. Dr. Steve Asante, Senior Pastor of Asokwa Baptist Church in Kumasi, Ghana. “There are no restrictions. Everyone can do that,” reiterated Colin in agreement. “Not everyone can go, not everyone should go. My first starting point is this: we should be praying for the nations. This does not cost us anything but time.”

Published: Tuesday, 04 October 2016
Credit: Rebecca G
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