A lesson in humility

Rebecca G. | Ghana

Fifty Bible school students from the Sekondi-Takoradi region in Ghana gathered for the onboard event ‘The Calling of Ministry’ to hear crewmembers from Logos Hope share about their personal experiences serving in full-time ministry.

One crewmember from Zimbabwe shared of a time before she joined the ship when she was serving with 19 other people. After the first year, the group was down to nine.

“Some people came in there for recognition and they fell away because they just wanted it for themselves," she explained. "Others got distracted by foolish things in this world.”

She told the men and women that the two reasons to be in ministry should be to make God’s name known, and to disciple His followers. “I want to challenge you,” she said in closing. “Do not become self-righteous. Stay humble and God can do great things through you.”

After talking about what it means to stay humble in ministry, participants were given a hands-on exercise to apply this immediately. They were asked to split into pairs and head to the back of the meeting space. There they found buckets, water, and towels where they could wash their partner’s feet.

An older man stood to the side watching one pair. “When is the last time someone washed your feet?” he asked the young man sitting in the chair.

“I think it was my mother,” replied the young man, laughing.

“How does it feel?” asked the older man.

“It is humbling.”

Another man, Ebenezer, stayed around after the event to talk with crewmembers about what had been discussed. When asked about the topic and the foot-washing experience, he replied, “It was awesome! It is a sign of humility and great to learn how to humble ourselves and serve others.”

Published: Friday, 04 November 2016
Credit: Rebecca G.
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