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Rebecca G. | Spain

The men of Remar’s rehab centre carry a unique burden of understanding when they head to the streets of Las Palmas, Spain. They themselves were once homeless, and now they go to pass out sandwiches and coffee to those in need. Teams of Logos Hope volunteers were sent to work alongside the centre throughout the ship’s stay in Las Palmas, and one team joined the men for their weekly feeding outreach.

The group drove around the city, stopping to pass out food and give encouragement to the people they encountered. When they found three men sitting on a park bench, Ben Blessing (Germany) began to talk to the trio and share about the ship’s goal to bring hope to the countries she visits.

“This is not where I want to be,” said one of the three men to the outreach team. “I want to make a change in my life.” The man explained that he believes in God and knows that his current lifestyle is not what God wants for him.

One of the volunteers from Remar listened to the man’s story and then said, “I’ve been where you are now. I understand what you are going through. I was an addict living on the streets, but look at where I am today.” He encouraged the man, saying, “It is possible to make changes in your life; you can have hope for a better future.”

Ben listened as the volunteers from Remar spoke into the man’s life, and was pleased to see the intentional love and care they show to needy individuals in the community. The Logos Hope crewmembers were blessed to pour hope into the lives of the people on the street for one night, but Ben knows the men of Remar will continue to pour into the lives of the men and women for years to come.

Published: Tuesday, 29 November 2016
Credit: Rebecca G.
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