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Rebecca Gaasrud | Trinidad & Tobago

Logos Hope crewmembers visited Tobago’s school for deaf children to spend time with the youth and their teachers. Through sign language, songs with actions, and a drama, the team sought to inspire the boys and girls to believe in themselves and their capability of being used by God.

Volunteers performed a drama where one person stands rigid while another person poses them in different positions to demonstrate how limited a person can be when they let the influences of the world control them, instead of finding freedom in Christ. “God can use any one of you, but you have to make yourself available and believe that you are not limited,” said Glory Seruhere (Tanzania). “You are good enough because God made you the way He made you.”

Nancy Bhagat (East Asia Pacific) told a story about a girl from her hometown with an arm disability and encouraged the youth, saying, “It doesn’t matter what you look like or what impairment you have, God can still use you and work through you!”

One of the teachers, Liana, pulled Glory aside and asked how she came to join Logos Hope. “How were you sure that God was calling you to join the ship?” Liana asked. “God showed me that I was doing many things for Him, but not seeking His presence,” said Glory, who explained that she had been a lecturer at a university for several years, so leaving her prestigious job seemed foolish.

“I was being a Martha, not a Mary, like the story of the sisters in the Bible. God was using me, but He wanted to use me more.” When Glory said this, Liana got goosebumps, and said, “That is exactly what God has been telling me over the past few months!”

Crewmembers were pleased to be able to encourage both youth and teachers to be available for God to work through them.

Published: Tuesday, 14 February 2017
Credit: Rebecca Gaasrud
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