Planting seeds of encouragement

Rebecca Gaasrud | Jamaica

Mustard Seed Communities was founded as a home for children with disabilities and youth who have been abandoned by their families. In the last 40 years, the Jamaican organisation has grown to include several centres which serve over 500 people, including youth and young adults with disabilities, children living with HIV or AIDS, and teen mothers and their babies.

A team of Logos Hope crewmembers was invited to visit two groups of youth at one of the organisation’s care facilities in Spanish Town near Kingston, Jamaica.

“In the first group, the workers were energetic and very patient, and we were amazed at the skills they taught the kids,” said Ji-Hyeon Lee (South Korea). The children were attentive, so the team performed a drama and explained what it means to know God and have a relationship with Him.

The volunteers were brought to visit a second group of youth who have physical disabilities and immediately felt uncertain about what they had prepared to share. “God, what do you want us to do?” team members prayed. “Is what we have arranged even going to work?”

The crewmembers felt God leading them to sing and pray individually with people. “We were surprised by the change we saw in the residents and staff members,” said Ji-Hyeon. “When we sang ‘How Great is Our God,’ they sang along! Even the people who cannot speak properly were smiling and nodding.”

When the team gathered everyone together to talk about the ship and perform a drama, one of the residents decided to express her joy by joining the team onstage. “She came right up and hugged me, right in the middle of the presentation, all because we had shown that we were interested in her,” said Ji-Hyeon.

Rahel Schemionek (Germany) told a staff member that she was inspired by the work the care centre is doing. The woman thanked Rahel and the crewmembers for their time, saying, “It is tiring, and it is hard work, so we appreciate you coming to be an encouragement to us and the residents.”

Published: Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Credit: Rebecca Gaasrud
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