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Serving their heavenly Father together as a family is a special privilege for the Espositos from Argentina. Husband Daniel, wife Alejandra and their two daughters, Priscila (11) and Ruth (eight), left their home, jobs, school and friends to follow God’s call into international mission with the Ship Ministry. 

This is Daniel’s second stint using his practical skills as an electrician on the floating bookfair. When he was single, he served for a year on a previous vessel, Doulos. Alejandra had also been a volunteer on a sister ship, Logos II. They returned to sea as a family in early 2017.

“I really like that we are with each other the whole day and that all four of us can be involved in ministry to local people together,” says Daniel.

Making a ship home is not simple, but Priscila and Ruth have come to love the small cabin they live in and recognise they have all they really need. Whilst Alejandra is a doctor by profession, her main role on Logos Hope is that of parent: teaching her girls additional Argentinian curriculum lessons after the onboard school day and being a motherly role model to 14 international crewmembers in their ‘ship family’.

“I feel that a period of mission service is something the whole family can benefit from and participate in,” Daniel says, “And a family unit can support themselves emotionally in ways that a single person can’t, when they’re away from home.”

The Esposito daughters can now speak English well and have made close friends from all over the world. Their understanding of different cultures is broadening and they are seeing God at work in powerful ways as the ship’s community ministers to people in all sorts of situations.

“We want to have every opportunity, wherever we are, to challenge the Church about mission,” the electrician explains. “Many missionaries came to our home, Latin America, to bring us the knowledge of the gospel – so we have been blessed and we now have to pass the blessings on!”

The Espositos are particularly looking forward to being on board Logos Hope as the ship starts her tour of the South American continent in early 2018.

Published: Tuesday, 18 July 2017
Credit: OM International
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