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Julie Knox | Antigua & Barbuda

Female crewmembers got some Caribbean cooking tips as they helped local women at a soup kitchen outreach in Antigua.

Volunteers from the ship joined Mary Grant and her team to make lunches for those in need on the island. From a small kitchen at the back of a church, the women produce meals for elderly people and those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

It was an eye-opening experience for Lynne Dubell (UK), a short-term visitor to Logos Hope. “The ladies were amazing,” said Lynne. “They’re not young, and they were standing there in 40-degree heat, stirring pots on seven gas burners and with an oven on—we were all melting!

“They don’t have a lot but were still giving what they could to people others might consider beyond help. Their oven shelf was just held up on bricks. They made the most of every piece of meat they had, and I realised how wasteful we can be in the UK.”

Amy Strickland (USA) was struck by how humble the Antiguan women were. She spent time with Carol, the vice president of the outreach, who said she simply loves to cook and serve others. Amy was intrigued by how Carol knew she had her quantities right, since the entire meal was cooked in one pot.

“The dish was called ‘cook-up rice,’ explained Amy. “Carol cooked all the onions, then added herbs and spices plus the chicken wings, legs, and everything else. She poured in several jugs of water, tipped a few bags of rice in and stirred it all up. Then she stuck her spoon in the mixture. I've learnt that if the spoon stands up straight, then you know you’ve put enough rice in!”

Lynne has been inspired to do more for those around her when she returns home from her visit to the ship: “It’s really made me think about what I want to do when I get back—how I can make things better where I am.”

Published: Friday, 13 October 2017
Credit: Julie Knox
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