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A youth group gave a team of Logos Hope's crewmembers a warm welcome when they visited to encourage them into making a serious commitment to serve God. As the team arrived, the teenagers opened the door, shouting, ‘Welcome, Logos Hope!’ as well as cheering and applauding the crewmembers as they made their way to the front of the room. The whole room joined in a song called ‘Yo tengo gozo de agua viva’ (‘I have the joy of living water’) while dancing together, before Logos Hope’s team introduced themselves.

The team was accompanied by a local Christian who volunteered with the ship while she was in port. Armando Contreras Castillo, from Coatzacoalcos, acted as translator for the non-Spanish speaking members of crew. Armando shared his personal story with the youth group, and explained that he had visited Logos II when he was around five years old, while his parents had been blessed to come on board OM’s ships twice. His mother, wanting him to be involved, is the one who informed him of Logos Hope's visit in 2018.

Armando explained that his first day on board was incredible. “The volunteers are passionate for God and are looking for ways to share the gospel,” he said before adding, “If you have an opportunity to do the same, do not doubt. Do not doubt the gospel. It is the best decision you could take. Obey Him.”

Jessica de Jonge (Netherlands) also shared about what led her to serve on Logos Hope. Jessica wanted to know God more, and even though joining the ship wasn’t her dream at first, she is convinced this was God’s dream for her. “If you let Him into your dreams, and let His dreams be yours, you will find God and His plans for you, and it’s a real adventure. Please go, pray and ask Him, because He will answer,” she challenged the teenagers.

The crewmembers noticed how seriously the teenagers were listening to their message, and how interested they were as they asked a lot of questions about committing to serve on the ship. “Talking with people who have sacrificed part of their lives, their work and their career is impressive," said Armando. "It makes us wonder ‘What can I do?’ But when you come here, you can see normal people giving their lives to Christ – and this is incredible!”

Published: Friday, 13 July 2018
Credit: OM International
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