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An event took place on board Logos Hope for pastors and leaders; aimed at communicating the urgency of sharing the gospel with unreached people in the world so that these key figures may, in turn, mobilise their own churches. The crewmembers who planned the event wanted the believers who attended to see that they can have an impact in reaching every nation.

Speakers such as the ship’s director, the leader of Operation Mobilisation in Argentina and the head of the Ship Ministry, as well as crewmembers with experience in mission to the least reached, shared their stories with the audience.

Local believers Carla and Leonel attended, and said they appreciated that the focus was on the least reached – whereas other prayer meetings had centred on needs the church or Christian community might have. Several maps were placed around the ship’s theatre and the audience was split into groups with people they did not know, so they could pray together for a least-reached country. “A brother came closer and put his finger on the country as he prayed,” Leonel said. “It was a deep moment.”

Carla and Leonel had already taken the decision to go to the unreached to share the Good News of the gospel, along with their teenage sons, and they explained that the event helped them visualise what it would actually look like. “There never are meetings for the least reached, that’s why this day was so important,” Leonel said.

Craig* used to be the director on board OM's first vessel, Logos, and still works with the organisation. He shared that he had asked fellow believers to pray for him when he ventured out in mission to a least-reached community. As they did, four of them were themselves mobilised to serve in the same way. “When people start praying for the unreached, God touches their heart and they get a sense of God’s heart for His people,” Craig said, who was certain that the time spent praying would mobilise more believers and lead them to mobilise their own churches. “It might be two or three years before we hear the stories, but I think there will be more workers on the field. Churches will grow with the desire to pray for the unreached,” he declared.

The next evening, a night of worship continued the theme of praying for the least reached. More than 200 people committed to praying daily and many wanted to know how they could become more involved.

*Name changed

Published: Friday, 14 June 2019
Credit: OM International
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