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Lima, Peru- In June four members from OM Peru led a day-long training seminar in Lima. The seminars were attended by over 50 believers from five different churches in the neighbourhood. The team taught several topics: evangelism techniques, how to give your testimony, open air evangelism, and winning children to Christ.

It was a long day, with four classes in the morning and three in the afternoon, plus interacting with the attendants more personally over lunch.

“It was a cold afternoon, but we were warmed by the response of our attendees, it was special”, shared Mayelo Gensollen, leader of OM Peru. “They had a great interest and desire to learn more about God’s Word while also learning how they can communicate the Bible effectively.”

The seminars were given in “Ville el Salvador” a poorer district located in the south of Lima, Peru's capital. “The district of the city where we were is a place of extreme poverty and several needs. The people don’t have values or fear of God. They do not have hope. But, the Christians at these seminars separated their time to be ‘lights’ during this time and in this place.”

Mayello shared that the training has brought great joy. “It's great to have been used in the training of fellow believers that can use the training to carry the gospel of the Lord to the ends of the earth. Our prayer is that the lives of these believers will be strengthened even more in Christ and that His passion to win souls and share the Gospel will grow within them.”

Published: Friday, 16 July 2010
Credit: OM International
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