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Seven volunteers in OM Peru’s outreach to Tarapoto and Moyobamba attended patients, shared knowledge on parenting and gave workshops on working with adolescents and how to form a Sunday school. Meanwhile, they shared the gospel.

OM Peru supports churches in the interior of the country with missions trips. On a recent outreach to several towns in the Amazon jungle, they worked with the Presbyterian Church of Moyabamba and its annexes in Yantalo, Algarrobos, Jalapecio and the city of Tarapoto.

“It is a zone that is very much affected by the rains and the overflow of rivers, and many acres are flooded,” says Mayelo Gensollén, leader of OM Peru.

The team was made up of one doctor, a psychologist, a physical therapist, a Sunday school trainer, amongst others. The doctor attended to 332 patients during the 10 working days; the psychologist gave talks for parents and helped 24 families and young people. The physical therapist worked with 23 people in pain.

Above all, 37 people who came for help or participated in a workshop gave their life to the Lord during the outreach. Several others were reconciled to the Lord. Please pray for these new believers and for the churches in the area of Tarapoto and Moyobamba. Pray also for the next trip scheduled by OM Peru, to Sechura, and for new opportunities to share the gospel throughout the country.

Published: Tuesday, 03 July 2012
Credit: OM International
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