Surprise results when young Christians are godly

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Too many young people working as a team might be seen as a problem. They spend lots of energy doing ministry and passionately get their jobs done, but whenever there is energy left, they party.

With summer in Sweden coming to an end and the cold setting in, the young people seemed even more eager to gather, often squeezing into the OM Sweden guys’ apartment for a party.

As team member David was moving out to get ready for future ministry in India, friends around the community were invited for waffles, ice cream and blueberries that the OMers had handpicked in the forest. As a highlight of the evening, they also held a furniture auction.

Dee, a Vietnamese immigrant living in the area, met some of the friends on their way to the party and tagged along.

Being in a foreign land and spending most of his time at work, Dee found it unusual to party with the young OMers. He was surprised to find six guys sharing one living space and commented, “Nowadays even two people have problems living together.” He was impressed seeing the love and peace in these young men, and he knew it had to be because of their Christian faith.

As the party went on, Dee looked around and said, “You seem to be so satisfied while possess so little. You people are so happy and content.” He went on to talk about the rising corruption in the government of his homeland and his disappointment in the society. This made the lifestyle of the followers of Jesus even more of a testimony.

Dee enjoyed the waffles, ice cream and blueberries, but more importantly, he was touched by what only God could inspire in the party. When Jesus is the centre of believers’ lives, even leisure time can transform lives and communities.

Published: Tuesday, 13 November 2012
Credit: OM International
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