‘We are the skeletons and He is the flesh’

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John* and Mary* lived on the beautiful spice islands of Zanzibar, just off the coast of Tanzania. After some heavy rains there was a water shortage in the area where they lived, but the couple planned ahead and was able to collect water in buckets that they could use for basic cleaning. Their neighbour Ali* hadn’t prepared as well.

With neighbourly love, John filled two buckets of water for Ali and helped him to carry it home. On the way, Ali asked, “Sir, why are you so different?” This was an open opportunity for John to share the gospel with him through stories from Scriptures, and he also gave him an English/Swahili Bible.

Later, the night before John and Mary went back to their home country, Ali was on the verge of tears and almost gave his life to Jesus but didn’t do so. After that, John and Mary lost contact with him.  

Years later, when the couple went back to the island, John needed to go to the embassy to get his passport. On his way there, the Lord put a man named Massoud* in his path. John gave him a Bible, and after a few conversations, Massoud told him, “I´m ready to pray to accept Jesus Christ!”

After this, John realised that his plans to reach out to Ali had been based on his own strength, but meeting Massoud was God’s divine appointment, as the Lord had already been working in his life.

“We just have to be there,” John concluded. “We have to avail ourselves and let the Lord use us. We have to go where he needs us and He will use us however he sees fit. We are the skeletons and He is the flesh!”

*name changed

Published: Friday, 14 June 2013
Credit: OM International
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