Hope for life in Peruvian villages

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With a team of 6 people, OM Peru recently went on a medical outreach to an area called Alto Piura in the north of the country. Both the material as well as the spiritual need in this poor area is great. Their team, consisting of a doctor, psychologist, physical therapist, evangelism teacher, a volunteer and the OM Peru team leader, stayed in the area for 8 days.

They visited 4 different villages: Chulucanas, Los Zapatas, CP8 and Batanes. In every village they spent 2 days visiting the people. They partnered with a local church called ‘House of Prayer’ in Chulucanas. The pastors of this nomination are following up with the people who gave their life to Jesus during the medical outreach.

In total, the team attended over 500 people in Alto Piura. They helped people with both physical as well as psychological needs. Besides this, they gave spiritual care after sharing the gospel with every patient. During the 8 days of the outreach, 78 persons gave their lives to Jesus, accepting Him as their Lord and Saviour. Please pray with OM Peru that God will become the hope of life for the people in Alto Piura.

Published: Thursday, 26 September 2013
Credit: OM International
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