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Javier* left his native country of Mexico eight months ago to be a missionary with OM in South Asia. Instead of sharing the Gospel openly on the streets, he has learnt to talk to people about Jesus in a more discrete way. He shares about why he thought it would be an easier job.

OM: How did you get involved with OM?

Javier: I have several family members who have been with OM: cousins, uncles and some friends too. But when I first heard about this opportunity in the south of Asia this year, I decided to go.

OM: What do you do with OM?

Javier: I attend a local church where we spend time with children in different activities like drawings, crafts and playing with balloons. These are not common things to do for children in this country and they really enjoy it! I also teach them to play the piano. Furthermore, I work two days a week at a help centre where we spend time with local people. We practice sports, teach them music and other things too.

OM: How did God call you to South Asia?

Javier: I was praying to serve God somewhere, either in my country or somewhere else. Last year a friend of mine, who is also serving in this country, visited my church and told me about this place. That was the answer to my prayers. It has been a unique experience, and I have lived things that I never thought to live! Serving God in this country is very gratifying, full of surprises and blessings.

OM: What has been your most difficult experience so far, and how has God shown his faithfulness?

Javier: We are not allowed to perform Christian activities, such as preaching the Gospel. In Mexico, we have the freedom to do outdoor activities to reach many people with music, dramas, clowns, etc. That is unimaginable here.

OM: Is it how you imagined it would be as a missionary in South Asia?

Javier: Honestly no, it's not what I imagined. I expected to find something different. I thought it would be an easier job. I realise that the way to reach people here is not through music events with clowns and outdoor activities. The way of working here is different, more discrete and personal. At the beginning this was very hard for me and it still is a challenge.

OM: How can we support you in prayer?

Javier: Pray that I can learn the language of this country. This is essential if I want to spend time with the locals and share the Gospel in a better way.

*Name changed

Published: Wednesday, 11 March 2015
Credit: OM International
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