A heart for the Lord

Frank Castillo | El Salvador

Abigail Quintanilla, 20, desires to serve God. But she didn’t always feel this way.

From El Salvador, Abigail was born in a family dedicated to pastoral ministry. For her, it was not difficult to understand the blessings that serving God brings. However, as she grew up, Abigail turned her back on serving others.

From a young age, Abigail accompanied her father when he went out to preach. Her father is a pastor of a well-known church, and Abigail was exposed to faith. The ministry she did with her family brought her joy as a child, but later these feelings turned into anger and rejection. Abigail felt she has lost her father to the ministry, and her family did not fulfil her expectations of life.

She closed her heart to serving the Lord and rebelled. Though Abigail still attended church, she was not willing to help others.

In 2014, Abigail´s brother, Carlos, attended an OM missions training. His involvement with OM made Abigail curious, and she wanted to know about OM. She then decided to volunteer with OM El Salvador. Little by little, she opened her mind and heart to missions work. She became a part of OM El Salvador's community development programme, LaHaus, which helped her grow in her faith.

In the programme, Abigail was challenged to work with children again, which changed her vision for working with kids. She experienced the love of God as a participant in OM's ministry and built friendships with the staff. God used these things to open her heart to missions.

Abigail now plans to attend OM's mission training in Chile, starting in January 2016. Her hopes to learn more about working with children and homeless people. She's named her adventure “Rescate 5-15” (Rescue 5-15) because she wants to work with young people, ages 5-15, in churches, on the streets and in rural areas.

Please pray for Abigail as she prepares for the training and raises support over the coming months. Pray that many other Salvadorians will answer the call to serve in missions. 

Published: Friday, 04 September 2015
Credit: Frank Castillo
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