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Helen Santos | Brazil

Renata* raises her eight children alone. Their step-father didn’t provide safety and wellbeing, but instead violence and destruction, as he abused Renata’s two-year-old daughter.

Ulisses* gathers scrap metals to live. Despite his low income, he takes care of his two young sons. He says he doesn’t have many friends.

Both parents shared that despair tried to overtake their minds and hearts, as their families are the most precious gift from God to them. Both were eager for answers and help.

The OM team met Renata and Ulisses during OM Brazil’s recent Arts on the Road project, in partnership with IBNAI church in Indaiatuba, located near São Paulo.

In this project, a group of 30 artists travels to different cities in various states of Brazil, taking the message of Jesus and salvation to those they find in parks and town squares, including Renata and Ulisses.

The artists share about Christ through different activities, such as flash mobs, dance and musical performances with modern songs. For the kids, they offer clowns, balloons and face painting, and through these activities they share the Gospel.

The programme also includes artistic workshops for the local church, focusing on the use of arts to evangelise on the street and mobilise churches.

Volunteers found Renata at the end of the Sunday church service, where the OM Arts drama team performed a play about the story of the prodigal son. Tears rolling down her face showed her need for hope and restoration. Renata expressed thankfulness when the church welcomed her into their midst.

Ulisses expressed gratitude and happiness as he had attended his first Sunday church service after receiving prayer and an invitation from the team in a park. The same day, he signed up his two sons for the child choir at the church.

The IBNAI isn’t the only church that wants to reach beyond their church walls. Others are also ready to host the OM Arts team in the coming months and share God’s love on the streets. The group is excited about hearing more stories of hope and restoration, like Renata’s and Ulisses’.

For more information, contact OM Arts Brazil through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

 *Name changed

Published: Friday, 30 October 2015
Credit: Helen Santos
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