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Guerilla Evangelismo, a ministry run by OM Chile, focuses on sharing the Gospel in creative ways in the streets of the Chilean capital of Santiago. Recently volunteers and ministry workers came together in a busy area of the city to give out free clothes, copies of the New Testament and Christian books to people in the hopes of starting conversations about Jesus.

One volunteer took a few books and approached a man in his 50s. As the volunteer sat down next to him, the man told him that he had already received a book called “More than a Carpenter” by Josh McDowell, and that he had started reading it.

The man shared that the words he read were so accurate and identifying, that they left him deeply impacted and a little disoriented. The volunteer learnt that the man had heard about God a long time ago and was sure that the volunteer was sent by the Lord to call him once again.

When they talked about God’s love, the man was moved to tears. Together they prayed and thanked God for meeting and for the conversation. Before parting, the two men exchanged names and realised that they had the same first name. Both were surprised and saw it as confirmation that the meeting was not a coincidence but rather guided by God.

When the volunteer shared his experience with the rest of the OM team he expressed deep gratefulness to God for the privilege of being part of God’s plan.

Praise God for speaking through an OM volunteer. Please pray that the man will continue to seek the truth.

Are you interested in sharing God’s love in Chile? Check out OM’s opportunities to serve.

Published: Friday, 20 November 2015
Credit: OM International
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