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Seeing women in billowing sheets who hide their features behind veils, one wouldn't expect prostitution to be an issue in Muslim countries. But the opposite is often true in places where women are expected to be pure before marriage but men boast of "experience". It is the weak, the poor and the broken who end up being used for these ends. Bahar*, a sex worker in Central Asia, was indeed one of these.

Bahar, though, is unique because she was able to bravely turn away from her past with the help of Lisa*, an OM worker there. One day, Lisa was sharing the passage from Matthew 11 with Bahar: “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest” (v. 28; NIV). 

After many years of being controlled and owned, the young lady was moved by these verses. She hungered for the rest and freedom that God offers when we give our burdens to him.

"I want to experience God's freedom" she said.

Lisa encouraged her to draw a picture of what she was feeling. Bahar drew a person with her arms outstretched and hands reaching out to heaven.

Lisa shared more with her and gave her a Bible in her own language and in a translation she would understand and appreciate. 

Even though Bahar is now living in a safe place where she isn't abused daily, it is only through God that she finds true rest and freedom from bondage.

Please pray that other women in Kazakhstan like Bahar find rest in Christ and freedom from bondage.  

*Name changed

Published: Tuesday, 01 December 2015
Credit: OM International
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