Enjoying the unexpected

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With a grin on his face that spoke volumes, Dan Wallis (UK) turned his head to look at the Logos Hope team seated in the minivan behind him. He had just found out from the contact person that the church they were going to was also expecting some songs for the children. This minor miscommunication, a common experience for ship teams, would allow the crewmembers to exercise their flexibility once again. A plan was made and things were back on track.

Highland Baptist Church is a simple, single-room sanctuary pastored by local port committee member, Gabriel Kamadu. Having volunteered on the previous ship, Doulos, in 1977, the ships held a special place in Pastor Gabriel’s heart.

After a special time of worship, followed by a message from Dan on running the race and some songs for the children, the service ended with a surprise from the team this time as they presented Pastor Gabriel with the very first Pastor's Personal Library. This new initiative, launched for the ‘Hope for Africa’ visit, provides a box of literature resources intended to help a pastor continue to develop their understanding of God's word and how to shepherd their flock. 

For Pastor Gabriel it was a real encouragement. "I am very touched with this gift that will be used for the enhancement of the children of God," he expressed.

Published: Wednesday, 23 December 2015
Credit: OM International
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