The gift that keeps on giving

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This December, the International Christmas Outreach brought together individuals from nine different countries to serve over 200 Sudanese refugee children in Egypt. The short-term outreach team prepared a Christmas programme about love of Christ and compiled gift bags filled with toys, school supplies and snacks. 

As the team entered the building, they quickly realized the room where the programme would be held was too small. They began packaging the gift bags anyway praying, “God’s will be done.” Initially, the team expected 50 children to come.

As the Christmas programme began, more and more children entered the small room. More chairs were brought out and more children came, until the entire room was filled and every seat occupied by two or three children.

The team was reminded that "God loves children and He wants them to hear His Word," explained the team leader. As the programme progressed, there a was banging on the door.

On the other side of the door were even more children waiting to come in and see the programme! The outreach team looked at each other in amazement, disbelief, and concern and prayed, “God, let your will be done. You take charge.” 

As the team started distributing the gift bags, more children came and more gift bags were given. Every child left with a gift. At the end of the distribution, when all the children had received a gift bag, the team realized there were still gift bags remaining!

Although they had been concerned there wouldn’t be enough, the team found that God had miraculously provided more than enough.  The team was reminded that nothing is impossible for God.

The team leader shared that even though they were surprised so many children came, "God knew this would happen before the foundation of the world. God had already decided that He was going to be glorified in this particular way and provide more than we needed. God, through His wonderful Son Jesus Christ is the ultimate gift that keeps on giving, when we least expect it."



Published: Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Credit: OM Egypt
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