An unfinished symphony

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Rohu* runs a small shop in a local market downloading music and developing photographs. Over the years he has witnessed to his customers and other local shopkeepers and seen a few come to faith. In a room at the back of his shop, other believers in the area gather together.

One day Nuram* stopped at the shop. He wanted to download village religious songs onto his mobile phone. Rohu and his friend, an older believer in Jesus, who was in the shop at the time, were intrigued by the request and soon a conversation started about faith and God.

Nuram is a local religious leader. He often has meetings at night in his village where followers come to sing songs and listen to teaching. Rohu’s friend asked if he could visit Nuram and through this, a friendship developed.

Rohu’s friend noted that Nuram had many storybooks in his home and asked if he could add another one to the collection. The book was a selection of stories from the Bible. Nuram was intrigued by the stories. Although they were written for children, there was something different about them and Nuram looked forward to talking to Rohu’s friend.

When the two met together again, Nuram’s questions about the stories even outnumbered the books on his shelf! The dialogue continues, the symphony is not finished yet. Pray that soon the Truth of God’s Word will touch Nuram’s heart and result in an eternal song of worship to Jesus.

*Names changed

Published: Tuesday, 13 December 2016
Credit: OM International
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