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The refugee crisis continues to be at the forefront of most Europeans’ minds, and many are driven to despair by the challenges, questions and growing problems. However, OM Austria is encouraged to see how God is building His kingdom amongst refugees as many are coming to faith in Him. Many churches have expressed a willingness to become involved and actively work amongst refugees, and several initiatives have already been started.

A New beginning in Graz

Plans are being made for a new ministry in Graz, which will start in the summer of 2016. As a result of consultation with local churches, an emphasis will be placed on working with Christian refugees, and new believers.

The Situation

We read increasingly of attacks on Christians in refugee homes, and the constant pressure under which they live. It is a tragedy that many of them, who have fled from radical Islam in their own countries, encounter hindrances to living out their faith in Europe. They are often put under pressure by the community and considered ‘traitors’ by their fellow citizens. For this reason, it is hard for them to grow in their faith and some have given up after a time and returned to Islam.

The Project

The OM team will work together with the Graz churches to establish apartments for Christian refugees, where they can live in safety and be cared for by the believers. They should be able to have fellowship with other Christians, without fear, in living out their faith. This is especially necessary for new believers to help them grow and mature in faith. For those who come from countries where they were persecuted, it can be very helpful to be in a place where they can experience peace and freedom. It is our dream to provide a ‘meeting centre’, where we can help refugees settle into the Austrian society, and where they will experience Christians who are caring for them in a practical way.

The Team also wants to concentrate on improving the network of refugee work that already exists in Graz. It is encouraging to see what is already happening! There are a lot of advantages when churches work together to fulfill their biblical responsibility to care for refugees.

Please pray for the new ‘Building Bridges’ team in Graz and pray that God will call more people into this ministry.

Published: Wednesday, 16 March 2016
Credit: OM International
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