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They couldn’t find an addiction therapist within a 60 kilometre radius of their town Kutno in Poland. So Zosia and Monika, two ladies from the church OM planted, decided to become therapists themselves. They went back to school and studied hard. Finally, they got the required qualification as addiction therapists.

“We were all very excited,” said OM leaders Arek and Donna Delik. After so many years of ministering to people struggling with addictions, the team realized that while addiction is a problem on its own, it is a symptom of harder problems and more personal issues like depression, anger, frustration and self-doubt. “Even though there are quite a few rehabilitation facilities in the country, there are very few counselling services available to help people to deal with the root causes of addictions,” they shared.

After the ladies graduated, the church launched a new ministry, ‘Consultation Point’, in January this year. It is an addiction counselling service that provides assessment, counselling, information and treatment services for people in need. “We have received a lot of phone calls soon after this service was advertised in the media,” Donna said. “It is distressing to know that the vast majority of people who called for help are young.”

The first young lady Monika was able to help was her own niece, 18-year-old Kate. Instead of enjoying her youth, Kate was found unconscious in her bedroom with an empty bottle of sleeping pills. She was rushed to the hospital with a drug overdose, where the doctors were able to rescue her.

Kate grew up in a family with an alcoholic father. She received so little love from her father that Kate desperately looked for love somewhere else. She had several relationships with men that ended unhappily. These devastating experiences drove her into depression. At the end of her rope Kate thought that suicide was the only way out. Thankfully, in this darkest hour God stepped in and brought her out from the ditch.

Monika started attending to her and led her to her ‘true Father’, God, the Creator. Kate finally could give up her struggle and stop searching because her Father had found her and embraced her completely with His love. This Father promised He would never let her go.

“Consultation Point has already proven to be a service very much needed in the community of Kutno,” Donna shared. “We’d appreciate your prayers for Zosia and Monika as they run this ministry. They need discernment and wisdom from above to help those who are trapped in addictions.”

Published: Thursday, 28 April 2016
Credit: OM International
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