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Before he accepted Christ, Samson Ingesi worked for OM for two years. With OM, he attended morning devotions and received daily instruction about who God is. As God convicted him, Samson had a recurring dream, in which he was told to seek someone to show him how to pray. He found OM worker McDonald, who led him to a true faith in Christ.

“When I became a Christian, I started following what Jesus was doing through OM’s ministries in the village,” Samson said. “I decided to start a Bible study in the Kamala village where I am originally from.”

Samson knew returning to his home village would mean facing persecution. In Kamala, he experienced rejection not only from the community, but also from his wife and children, who refused to accept him and his decision to become a Christian. He challenged the villagers to study the Bible with him, through AudioBibles, as a way of learning and becoming educated, but only a few people attended at the study’s beginning in 2013.

“It was a challenge to start this ministry in the village that I came from,” he shared. “They rebelled against what I wanted to share with them. So those were the challenges that I had to face at first, but I kept moving, and now people are accepting what I am doing and they have accepted me as they have watched people come from different religions to listen to the Word of God.”

The turning point in his ministry came through the community work OM Malawi was doing on a weekly basis.  As a team, they reached out one day a week to the elderly and needy people in the community.  This community service was also extended to Samson’s village where they started preaching through action and not just through words.

Outreach teams on visit, like Africa Trek, joined hands with the OM Team members and helped Samson to construct a shower and a toilet for the village.  This did not go unnoticed by the chief.  Samson received encouragement to continue with his bible study, and the influence of Scripture expanded.  The Bible listening group's success in Kamala has led Samson to start a new study in the nearby village of Chikaonda, establishing the key to approaching the local people: building relationships.

“When I was looking to start a new study in Chikaonda, I heard someone calling to me,” he shared. “It was a lady, and she said, ‘We have heard that you have started a Bible listening group and many people are listening to the Word of God. We want to start a group in our village so we can know this God.’ So I started a group in this lady’s house and many people came.”

“After two weeks, the chief heard that someone had started a Bible listening group in the village and so they called me and told me that they don’t allow Christians here, so I needed to go away and stay out of their region,” he continued. “But the people told me, ‘No! You are not going anywhere!’ So the same people who invited me started a new Bible listening group in a village that is next to Chikaonda. It is growing each and every hour and I go there once a week to share the gospel.”

Another worker in Malawi, Fredson Phiri, says that Samson’s story highlights the importance of outreaches like the Africa Trek—even though the people working the outreaches may not get to see the immediate results.

“When the outreaches come, they don’t necessarily see the fruits of their work while they are ministering, “Fredson says. “When they go leave, the fruit starts coming out. I want to encourage the outreaches, because of what I have seen coming out of them. God is using them to reach out. These are the fruits of the seeds that God has sent people to plant.”

Pray for Samson and the seeds that have been planted in his village and the surrounding area. Pray for softened hearts to hear what the Lord is speaking. 

Published: Wednesday, 11 May 2016
Credit: OM International
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