Trained to be a Channel of Hope

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OM Russia hosted and participated in AIDSLink International’s (ALI) Channels of Hope Facilitator Training©, which was held on the 21-27th of April. About 30 people took part in it.

The participants came from different parts of Russia. One of them, Dmitry*, travelled over 3,000 kilometres, coming from the city of Penza. He is a director of Independent Non-profit Organization, whose aim is to help prisoners and their families. He came to the training to find out how he could help people living with HIV.

Dmitry cooperates with prisons and their administrations. He once attended a meeting where the chief doctor of the Federal Penitentiary Service shared the statistics about HIV, and that the rate of HIV infection increases in prisons. In addition, many people come to know that they have HIV only when they are put into prison.

These statistics touched Dmitry’s heart. He couldn’t be insensitive to the problem and decided to learn how he could be useful. The administrations of the prisons hoped that he could help people living with HIV, as these prisoners don’t listen to doctors and don’t cooperate with medical workers. The prisoners needed another way to learn more about HIV.

Dmitry was invited to ALI Channels of Hope Facilitator Training© and it was an answer to his desire to help people who are HIV-positive.

“I gained new knowledge, and materials that I need for preventive work,” he shared. “Now I understand how I can help people. I am trained, equipped and full of determination to be a Channel of Hope. God gives everything in time!”

The prevalence of HIV is high in Russia and such trainings help teach and equip people on how to respond. Please pray for continued opportunity for education about this illness. 


* surname not included for security reasons

Published: Tuesday, 04 October 2016
Credit: OM International
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