“I am not worth it to believe in Jesus."

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In the summer of 2004, Tamara* went on her first trip to Russia. During this time God touched her heart by the needs among the orphans in Russia.

"When I came home, I couldn’t forget about the children in Russia and so I went back to Russia each year for a short mission trip. After a few years I felt that God called me to Russia to work with children in need for longer term. One encounter is still very vivid:

In the beginning of March we went with a team of students of the Discipleship Training Programme to Tara. For 10 days we were supporting a local church and reaching out to the local villages around.

As for me it was the first time to visit the Siberian villages. Before the trip it was my prayer that God would open my eyes to see the needs among the people and that He would show me His heart of love for them—and He did.

During the trip we got lots of opportunities to share the gospel and to bring a message of hope, but we also found out that the huge alcohol problem affected many hearts. Many hearts are hardened and broken because they have been through a lot of things during their lives. For many people it seems that only alcohol can restore their broken hearts.

It touched my heart to see people struggling and to see that they are so broken inside. Especially when I heard one man saying, “I am not worth it to believe in Jesus, because I am drunk every day.” The look in his eyes was so empty and showed that he lost all his hope for a better life.

What a great chance to tell this man that Jesus is saying the total opposite to him: that he is already loved by Jesus, that he is valued and that there is hope to overcome the alcohol problem and other problems in life. By standing there in the snow and be praying for this man, my heart became so warm inside, because we have such a great message of hope to share and there are still so many people to reach with the Good News!

Please pray for more people to come to Russia and for more students in the Discipleship Training Programme, so that the OM teams will be able to reach out to more and more people in need.


* Name changed

Published: Wednesday, 22 June 2016
Credit: OM International
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