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Linda Villanueva is a 19-year-old woman from the village of Sibuju, Talamanca, in Costa Rica. For the past 10 years, OM Costa Rica has worked in this indiginous area to build relationships and bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to the people. The area is deeply afflicted by witchcraft, alcoholism, abuse and violence.

Linda’s father provided land for a church to be built, so she grew up knowing about Jesus and being involved in the church. Because she also takes part in OM activities, Linda learnt about an outreach programme taking place in El Salvador, called Global Impact. In March, aloing with a group of 33 other OM staff and volunteers, she spent a week in Ahuachapan, El Salvador.

“It was beautiful because I learnt a lot about God,” Linda shares. “It was also an incredible journey, as I met new Christian friends. I learnt how to preach, how to give thanks to God for the things that I have. I also learnt a lot about the Hindu culture, Islam, and more. I learnt that to be a missionary isn’t easy, but if God calls you to it, He will give you the strength to continue forward. To be a missionary is to win souls for Christ, and that is what God has called me to do.”

Linda desires to continue serving God in her community in Talamanca: “I like to serve God in all ways; however, I would especially like to work with the youth in my community. There are some that are involved in drugs and alcoholism. I would love to see them come to Jesus, and in whatever area that God wants, I will be ready to serve and support the Lord’s work.”

Please pray that God continues to move in Talamanca, and that hearts will be opened to the gospel in this place.

Published: Friday, 05 August 2016
Credit: OM International
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