My heart needs healing

Jared Hutchens | El Salvador

In February of this year, the team from OM El Salvador travelled to La Ceiba, a small village they have been working in since last August. The goal of that visit was to take a census of the people in and around La Ceiba, asking a series of questions that would help the team identify the community’s needs and how they could share about Jesus while serving in the best way possible.

The team asked prepared questions about health, family size, living situation and finances to the head of each household, and then asked personal questions to each individual about their faith. When the team encountered a young woman named Jessie* and asked her about her faith, some team-members felt as if Jessie was made uncomfortable by the presence of men in the room, and that her mother was influencing her answers. Later, they were able to have a personal conversation with her and asked if she would like to tell them more about her story and how she felt about God.

With a woman from the team, Jessie opened up about how three years ago she had been raped by her boss, and became pregnant. Because she can’t find another job and has to support her family, Jessie continues working for the same man still.

Jessie revealed her inability to love the child that came to her through such devastating circumstances. She explained how the attack made her extremely anxious around men and how she still lives in constant fear that it will happen again. “My heart needs healing,” she confessed, “I just want to walk in peace.” The team understood that Jessie’s past kept her from fully believing and accepting the love of Christ.

Please join OM El Salvador in prayer for Jessie and her child. Pray specifically that she would find healing in her heart, that God would help her find love for her child, that the anxiety would fall away and that she could find another job. Please pray that Jessie would open her heart to God, the one who makes all healing possible.

*Name Changed

Published: Tuesday, 04 October 2016
Credit: Jared Hutchens
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