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On the 6 May, OM Russia celebrated the 10th anniversary of their discipleship ministry. During 10 years, 138 Christians from all different backgrounds were trained at the Discipleship Centre (DC). Today, half of the graduates are full-time Christian workers. Over the years, OM Russia's Discipleship Centre has opened new departments and now there are three courses: a full-time, part-time and second year course.

Most of the graduates came from different parts of Russia to celebrate the jubilee. The DC had a great impact on the lives of each one of them, and some of them shared their testimonies.

“We have an amazing privilege to see the fruits of God’s work, His glory,” said Evgeny*, Leader of OM Russia, who had also graduated from the DC. “ Let’s be grateful to the Lord, praise Him and realize that our God is alive!”

Colin*, a founder of the DC, who served there for nine years, gave nine principles of effectively serving the Lord.

Andrew Scott, Field Leader of OM USA, shared the history of OM and a further vision for the organisation.

For more information about OM Russia's Discipleship Centre, please visit our website.


* Surname not included

Published: Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Credit: OM International
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