Seeking peace

Jared Hutchens | El Salvador

On the way to the ministry in La Ceiba, El Salvador this last February, the OM team boarded a crowded bus on their way to the village. Soon after they were underway for the half-hour ride, every member of the group fell fast asleep, and woke up just before their stop to hike the final kilometres.

The next day, as they were visiting villagers, a woman named Mary* told them she had been on that same bus with them. She expressed shock that the team had been asleep despite the ‘danger on the bus’. Mary then explained that soon after they had fallen asleep, a gang member carrying a gun followed another man onto the bus and took a seat right behind the team. The person sitting next to Mary whispered to her, “These men are going to kill each other,” and she believed the same.

Gang activity and violent crime is high in the small country of El Salvador, and as native team member Ester explained, “Because of the many issues we have with violence, Salvadorians can easily sense a dangerous situation when they are in one.”

Mary said, that she didn’t understand, how the OM team could come with such a peace to this dangerous place. “I want the same peace”, she told them. She shared the story of her difficult life, which had left her feeling unable to love even her children for fear of loss.

“I look at you in this dangerous place [La Ceiba], putting your life at risk to help and love people that you don’t even know, and I want to know how that is possible”, Mary continuedThat day Mary accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour.

Please pray for OM El Salvador, the team and their ministries as they continue serving the Lord in difficult and dangerous situations.

*Name changed

Published: Wednesday, 20 July 2016
Credit: Jared Hutchens
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