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Imagine you have suffered an enormous trauma. Your family member has died in an explosion, yet culture demands you must be hospitable and provide food for the mourners that arrive in great numbers to the funeral. What if burial costs are high, or you find that there are hospital bills to pay or additional transportation costs incurred—then you you would feel despair on top of your grief.  You would need practical financial help as well as comfort at your time of grief. 

OM Pakistan was poised to give this assistance to families who lost loved ones or had a member injured during the 27 March attack in Lahore. On 9 April, OM Pakistan organised a ceremony to distribute financial aid and encourage the families affected by the bomb blast. Over 100 people joined, from 50 different families of mixed faith backgrounds.

OM distributed 50 cheques of US$500 to 50 affected families in this first phase of the relief efforts. OM team members, Christian leaders, and dignitaries of public and political leadership were present at the event. A Federal Minister joined as chief guest and encouraged unity among communities to fight terrorism. He also appreciated OM’s care and relief efforts for the families.

Spending time getting to know and encourage the affected families was one of the event’s highlights for the team.

Saleena's* husband died in the blast. She is 30 years old, has a 9-month old boy and is pregnant. She is very concerned for her children in their present situation. Though she works as a nurse, she is now under great financial pressure. Her in-laws are also turning away from her. An OM team member prayed with her and assured her that OM will do their best to support her in various ways. 

Mehween*, a critically injured young woman, recently passed away. Her father was in a state of shock, having witnessed one daughter killed at the park and now facing Mehween’s death after being in the ICU for 3 weeks, due to severe injuries and infection. Words of comfort and peace from our team were meaningless to him. In the presence of his local pastor, our team earnestly prayed to the Lord for the whole family. Financial support was given to the family to help sustain them and keep providing resources for the wellness of their third daughter, Nadia*.

Another family received food packages from OM. This was much needed because their concentration was diverted towards the recovery of their loved ones and that delayed their farming job.

Please pray for the quick recovery of the 30+ critically injured and peace for the families grieving their loved ones. OM’s team will continue trauma counselling and visitation to selected families for prayer, encouragement and financial help, where possible. Pray for wisdom as our teams provide care and counselling to the affected families. With your support, OM Pakistan can continue to be Christ’s hands and feet to the hurting. For more information on how you can get involved, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*Names changed to protect identities.

Published: Wednesday, 13 July 2016
Credit: OM International
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