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Dr. Sara Church (UK) shares about her recent short-term trip experience in Egypt.

Before I came to Cairo I was quite nervous to travel on my own as a woman. Also I was nervous due to what I had heard in the media about the Egyptian revolution, terrorism and female harassment. Many of my friends and family thought I was crazy going to Egypt by myself. Even my flatmates at university made a list of potential new flatmates in case I didn't come back from Egypt. When I arrived in Egypt I was really surprised how "chill" and friendly everyone was. No one bothered me while I waited to be picked up at the airport and I felt safe all the time.

During the outreach, when we were walking around Cairo, all the Egyptians we met and walked past were very friendly and welcomed us to Egypt. When we got lost on the metro and asked for directions, about ten Egyptians all started discussing together the best route for us to take. One of them then wrote down the station names and changes in English and Arabic, in case we needed to ask for more directions. Everyone was so willing to help. It was something I've never experienced before in a city. I never really expected this in a city, let alone Cairo.

This outreach has opened my eyes to see how different Egyptian culture is to what I expected. I felt safe walking around with my friends and especially safe walking at night in the busy evenings of Ramadan. I've never felt this safe walking at night back home in England.

When I was leaving Cairo my flight was cancelled and I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go in the airport. An Egyptian man at the ticket desk gave me a direct flight back to London with a few hours wait. He then offered to walk me through the check in, baggage drop off, passport control and then once I'd got through to the gate he explained where I had to go exactly. The friendliness of the Egyptian people knows no bounds! I praised God for his provision for finding me a flight for the same day and for providing me with a guide in the airport.

The people are so friendly, the culture is so vibrant and the ancient and biblical history is so fascinating in Cairo. I recommend coming to experience and immerse yourself in this unique culture and to spend time getting to know the people. The people you meet will change your perspective about Egypt, Islam as a religion and evangelism in an Arabic country.

Join us in the next outreach to Egypt and let God use your gifts for the extension of His Kingdom!

Published: Tuesday, 12 July 2016
Credit: OM International
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